Roofing Materials in Frisco: Create an Old-World Look Using Clay Roof Tiles

Ancient roofing materials remain the modern-ideal for Spanish, Mediterranean, and Italian home styles. While it is undoubtedly true that authentic clay roof tiling is not cheap, the saying still stands that you get what you pay for. Visit: Carsa Construction – Roofing

Many would reason that concrete roof tiles for Frisco Roofing offer the same look, and it costs less. However, these cement mixtures soon lose its color. Then again, concrete is the stuff curbs and sidewalks are made of to divert stormwater. Is there any romance in that?

On the other hand, authentic clay tiling proves to be historic as it dates back to ancient times, and features soft, rich, and earthy colors. It is the type of look that cannot easily be replicated by pigmented concrete. Clay tiling for roofing Frisco doesn’t fade away with time, but it patinate, and blossoms remarkably. They tend to be the perfect option if you afford them.

What Type of Material are Clay Tiles Made Of?

Clay was first used on Chinese roofing and is a natural material that was used during the Neolithic age, which is roughly 12,000 years ago.

What makes clay so unique is its fire-retardant nature, which is why clay experienced such a widespread adoption by Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.

The manufacturing process used of concrete like tiling and clay tiles is similar in that they are molded before the tiling gets coated. The difference being that clay tiling is fired at a much more intense temperature than its concrete companion. Therefore, the tiles are more colorfast and less porous.

No wonder that modern-day Frisco roofing contractors consider clay tiling to be a premium roofing material. The only thing is that clay tiles cost 50% more than its concrete alternative.

We are talking about prices that range from $1,350 to $1950 per roofer’s square, which is why it’s considered as among the most expensive roofing Frisco materials around.

Seeing that a roofer’s square is equal to a 100 square feet of roofing, clay tiles that are installed on 2,000 square foot, would amount to a maximum cost of $39,000.

What Are Your Options?

Clay tiles are either semi cylindrical or flat, matching every old-world style imaginable. They are made available in a variety of natural clay colors that one can augment using kiln-fired coatings. The most prevalent colors for clay tiles would be brown and red. But, you get natural clay colors that are darker gray or lighter beige too.

A long time ago, tiles were piled in a waterfall manner, and concrete mortar got used to keeping these in place. Nowadays, horizontal battens and metal fasteners are used. In some instances, mortar boosting installation methods are used to replicate ancient architecture.

In some of the roofing restructure projects, tiles would be layered, one on top of the other with cement mortar between them as a way to replicate the age-old looks of Ancient day tiling that you’d find on historic structures.

What Are the Pros to Using Clay Tiling?

  • Number one would be an authentic old style appearance as clay captures the romance of old world architecture while it maintains a more natural color.
  • The second reason is its long life as clay tiles tend to last for ages. You would have to replace the underlayment in a single generation though.
  • Thirdly, clay is very low maintenance and more resistant to decay and to stain than its concrete counterpart as they absorb less water.
  • Last but not least is that clay is fireproof.

What Are Some of the Downsides to Using Clay Tiling?

  • It costs too much as it is, after all, a premium roofing material. Besides, concrete tiling for your roof can provide one with the same look for 65% less than what you’d pay for clay tiling.
  • Fragility is another factor as clay tiles can crack easily when you walk on them. The cracking issue can also be a calamity during extreme cold climates.
  • Even though it is not an easy task to justify what you would have to pay for clay tiles, there is no denying the fact that it has a lot of appeal. Clay roofing materials age beautifully and feature the same reliable integrity that you would experience from ancient civilizations.
  • What is more, clay is easy to mold into all kinds of shapes that would conform to various design criteria.

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Best Home Oral Hygiene Routines by Dentists in Grants Pass, Oregon


For as long as you can remember, you’ve gone to your local dentist Grants Pass. Things have changed, now that you have your own kids, and life is getting in the way of making time to go and see your dental practitioner at least twice a year.

At one point or another, during your youth, oral hygiene was still necessary for you. Back then you did all you can to avoid getting a cavity and get a prize award in the form of glistening white teeth.

As you got older, however, the health of your gums and teeth are the last thing on your mind.

You may think that as an adult, it is not as important to visit your dentist unless something is seriously wrong.

Besides, your mouth looks excellent, and despite minor discoloration issues, you do not foresee any complexity

This notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

Following are some reasons why regular visits to your Grants Pass dentists and at home oral care are essential if you want to maintain incredible oral hygiene.

The best way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay is through regular maintenance and care. At a young age, we’ve been told to brush our teeth two to three times a day. Unfortunately, it is not enough to ensure a healthy and white smile.

It was commonly believed that just brushing your teeth, irrespective of how long it takes, was enough. While it is highly recommended that one brushes your teeth every day, there is a unique way to do it.

When it comes to your teeth, you ought to brush it twice daily, once you get up and before you go to sleep.

The thing is when you lay your head down at night to experience a welcome and peaceful rest, your saliva also becomes inactive, resulting in a dry mouth where the bacteria thrive within this ideal environment.

By taking care of your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night will minimize any bacteria activity and the buildup of plaque.

Just a quick brush over when brushing your teeth won’t cut it. Bacteria and plaque live and thrive within the crevices on your teeth surfaces as well as in-between your teeth.

brushing your teeth

Quick brushing will merely skim the surface of your teeth and fail to clean off the majority of plaque-causing debris.

Dentistry experts in Grants Pass recommend you brush your teeth for a solid two minutes. During this period, do your best to clean all surfaces of your teeth and gently massage the gums while scraping the tongue’s surface simultaneously.

Take care against brushing too hard or vigorously as you may scrape off the tooth enamel and hurt the gum tissue.

Do Not Neglect Flossing Your Teeth

Even if you follow an impeccable tooth brushing routine, it is simply not enough to avoid gum disease and tooth decay. As mentioned before, plaque-causing bacterial and debris accumulate between your teeth. The fact of the matter is that the spaces between your teeth are too narrow for the toothbrush to clean correctly.

This is why you need to floss regularly.

Many a person chooses to exclude flossing from their daily at home care routine as they deem it too tedious and time-consuming. What is more, they fear they’ll cut their gums and cause bleeding along from vigorous flossing.

Flossing is the best way to dislodge stuck food that may turn into cavities. As efficient as flossing may be, it should not replace toothbrushing. Both are needed to ensure proper oral hygiene.

One need to floss once daily. It is not hard to do as flossing only take a couple of minutes.

Make use of Mouthwash to Ensure an Extra Clean Mouth

Mouthwash turns out to be a fantastic at-home oral hygiene care routine. Furthermore, it will aid in ensuring a clean mouth as it washes debris from the crevices and surface of your teeth.

Mouthwash has alcohol in it as well as an antiseptic to produce a burning, clean, and fresh feeling in your mouth. It freshens your breath too.

While it requires a bit of effort daily to achieve proper oral hygiene, it is imperative to ensure dental health.

Proper teeth cleaning, flossing and using mouthwash must be complemented with regular visits to your Grants Pass dentist. They can spot any possible gum and tooth issues before they get out of hand.